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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

• Name of Company: Zorbaz
• Type of Business: Product
 Zorbaz is a pizza joint in the small town of Alexandria, Minnesota on the lake. The pizza establishment will provide entertainment to all ages with indoor/outdoor games and seating with bar access.
• Legal form of business:
 Limited Partnership
 Zorbaz will run under this as a family and friend owned business. One can pay for the initial costs to set up shop with lease obligations while the other will run daily operations as management within the company.
 Advantages: investment opportunities, liability limits, tax breaks, limited partners can be replaced without disruption
 Disadvantages: the business would be 100% liable for any mishap
• Location: Alexandria, Minnesota

Summary of Zorbaz:
Zorbaz is a local pizza joint located right on the lake, being a remote location for water activities, good food, and socializing together. There is seating indoors for those who want the air conditioning for the hot summer days with pool, darts, and table shuffleboard. The outdoor seating has a picnic feel with a bar and a full volleyball court access. There is open seating for larger parties, customer WIFI, and a jukebox. People would be able to drive their boats across the lake to park and come into for food and games or sit outside if they wanted a lake view.
Zorbaz’ goal is to operate and provide customers with fun but a relaxing destination. We also hope to provide a place for people to gather together to socialize or a place to relax after a hot day out on the lake. This establishment will be perfect for accommodating large groups of all ages while maintaining the small-town atmosphere and the best pizza in town.

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