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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Select FOUR of the weekly facilitation workshops to critically reflect on(let the writer pick the workshops)
Provide different perspectives and why you think these might arise;
Deep reflection and learning are key requirements – Avoid providing a summary of the workshops;
Use a Report format – introduction, sub-headings (arising from the questions below) and recommendation/conclusion;
NO abstract/executive summary is needed;
As this is a reflection, there is no minimum or maximum referencing requirement;
3000 words, comprising equal weighting per weekly facilitation topic. The introduction and conclusion form part of the word count, references are excluded. You are allowed +/- 10% over or below the word count.
Time New Roman or Calibri are easy to read and recommended, 12 font, 1.5 spacing; A4 paper with 2.5cm margins (top, bottom and sides of the page);
Include your name and student number in the footer of the document. The assignment must be an original piece of work written by you. It is unacceptable to submit work that has been assessed, in part or whole, in another unit, course, or program of study at this or any other tertiary institution.

Key areas to address in your critical reflection:
What was/were the key learning/s from the workshop?
What was your contribution to the discussion and how did it align /or not with your peers’ views?
How did it align/or not with your values?
What were the unique or controversial aspects of the workshop discussions?
How might you apply the learning from this workshop to the workplace? What would be similar or different in your application?
Are there any aspect/s of that particular IR issue that you would like to see changed or see a way forward and discuss why?

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