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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020

Write a letter to your group explaining whether you think Baldwin’s “My Dungeon Shook” is a successfully persuasive text (and why or why not). Spend some time on brainstorming and invention (Links to an external site.); try to use some of the rhetorical terminology (Links to an external site.) (the K of ♠, Q of ♠, J of ♠, and 10 of ♠ ) we’ve been learning about. (Links to an external site.)

Successful responses to the Com3 assignment will

assume your classmates have also read “MDS,” which means you will not need much summary but will want to help us notice specifics;
focus on explaining your own, developing thinking about Baldwin’s persuasiveness and rhetorical strategies to your group (this is not a research project);
use first person (“I”) and distinguish between your own thinking and Baldwin’s;
put “quotation marks” around language you quote from Baldwin (and include page numbers);
follow appropriate document design for letters (reminders here (Links to an external site.)), including paragraphs (Links to an external site.), and provide paper printouts of your letter for your group (as well as uploading here).

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