World economy

Corporate Finance
October 29, 2020
Corporate Finance
October 29, 2020

Topic: The impact and scale of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in 2020 has been so large that it has plunged the

world economy into the deepest slump since the Great Depression of the 1930s. As a consequence, global

share and other financial markets, employment, health systems, GDP and the production and price of oil

have all been hurt dramatically or put under great pressure.

You are required to write a report stating your responses to the following questions.

(1) What lessons have we learned from the global management of the Covid19 pandemic that will

enable us to minimize the economic, financial, social and lives losses in future if Covid19 or even a

more devastating virus strikes Earth again?

(2) What cushions or measures could world leaders use to protect their economies and financial

systems against the effects of a similar pandemic in the future?

(3) In your opinion, as a consequence of Covid-19, are political and other influential views relating to

the world economy, the global financial system and its operation likely to change, and if so, how?

Also, post Covid-19, are changes in political attitudes and policies in relation to the environment, energy,

resource and health care management likely to occur, and if so, describe these changes?

Task Details: Students are to analyse the given information, doing relevant research regarding Covid-19

and create relevant, supported conclusions and make justified recommendation to given issues and

problems. Responses are to be formatted into a professional essay, as would be expected of someone

working in a modern accountant’s or financial adviser’s office.

Presentation: 2000 words typed in word .doc essay format; title page, introduction, suitable headings and

subheadings, conclusions and recommendations, reference list (Harvard – Angelia style), attachments,

e.g. spreadsheets.

Research Requirements: Students need to support their analysis with reference from the text and a

minimum of (6) suitable and reliable, current and academically acceptable sources – check with your tutor

if unsure of the validity of sources. Students seeking Credit or above grades should support their analysis

with increased number of reference sources comparable to the grade they are seeking.

Marking Guide: Analysis 30%

Research – extent and application 30%

Recommendations/conclusions 30%

Presentation 10%

Total 100%

Total out of 100% will be scaled to a mark out of 30

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