Why is it important to improve your language skills?

According to the video, Coca Cola advertises that Vitamin Water will give people protection similar to exercise or flu shots. Discuss whether this is deceptive advertising or mere promotion.
February 13, 2021
How can corporations contribute to operating in an environmentally responsible way, especially from an international point of view?
February 13, 2021

Language skills

Write your initial response in at least 150-250 words. Justify your opinions and

Visit the following website http://litemind.com/10-strategies-improve-vocabulary/ (Links to an external site.), which outlines 10 strategies for improving your vocabulary (mental lexicon).

Describe which strategy resonates most with you and how you can specifically apply that step to improve your vocabulary. Include a discussion about how you anticipate developing your skills with language will help you in your career pursuits. Why is it important to improve your language skills?

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