Which of these security mechanisms will you implement in your unit; if so why?

Explain the methods used to determine how the crime was committed.
February 12, 2021
What are the potential risks for research participants for participating in your study?
February 12, 2021

Physical security (PS) is categorized very crucial for public and private organizations to protect and defend their assets, data, resources, personnel, facility and infrastructures.


  • To what extent are there significant differences between minimum security system (MSS-1) and High-level security system (HLSS).

MSS-1 is designated to obstruct unauthorized external traffic into the system and tends to interface with basic physical security operations like doors, windows and regular locks.


HLSS is designed to obstruct, detect and evaluate most unauthorized internal and unauthorized external traffic into the system. HLSS point of reference include highly trained armed guard, two-way radio links to police unit, duress alarms, use of access control and biometric control

  • You have been retained as a registrar for junior college offering online courses, which of these security mechanisms will you implement in your unit; if so why?
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