Which of the psychological theories could be successful in treating the disorder.

How is this book helpful today? in social/everyday/ political and/or community context .
November 30, 2020
Cardiovascular System The Effect of Menstrual Cycle on ACL Injuries and Laxity
November 30, 2020
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3. Speach- Obesity, one-page Titel. one-page reference and 4-page content, I need only 4 references.
also in Speach, i need a 1-page title, 1page reference, and 2 page content for oral presentation on obesity. In Speach, I need a total 6 content page, 2 titale page and 2 reference page.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5 is the current tool used by mental health providers to ascertain a possible diagnosis for behaviors that are being exhibited by a patient or client. You are to choose one of the mental disorders and write a 4-page paper about that disorder. Your paper is to include not only the presentation of the behaviors, but also, in your opinion, which of the psychological theories could be successful in treating the disorder.

In addition to the theory you choose for treatment, you are to include basic information on how the theory can be applied. If you choose a mental disorder such as Bipolar I or II, schizophrenia, or depression, include in your paper if medication is recommended as part of the treatment plan. You will find information in the textbook that addresses the physical presentations of the disorders; you will find information in the textbook that explains the various theories and how they are applied to patients.

You may use the textbook for a reference; however, you must have at least 4 other reference sources that are both valid and reliable. You may not use Wikipedia for a reference; however, it does contain credible references on most topics which can be read and referenced.

Your paper must be in APA formatting and have an Introduction, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Conclusion sections. The Title and Reference pages are not included in the 4-page requirement. Proofread your paper before you post it. You have 3 opportunities to post your paper to the course room site and verify accuracy of citations and references. The report will show any plagiarism and citation errors. Do not click FINAL until you are confident that you have made the necessary changes to correct grammar, spelling, sentence structure, citations, and formatting errors. The tools for APA formatting are in the Announcements of this course. They are to be used to help you format your paper.

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