When is it important to involve Student Affairs?

Discuss the epidemiologic triangle as it relates to the communicable disease.
January 18, 2021
What are the potential drawbacks of having fewer (and less expert) civil servants in office?
January 18, 2021

The role of student affairs

Make comprehensive research about student affairs role here is the outline,

Student Affairs Outline

I.The Role of Student Affairs

a.Who is Student Affairs?

b.What is the role of Student Affairs?

c.When is it important to involve Student Affairs?

d.Where does Student Affairs fall in the hierarchy of student life?

e.How does Student Affairs impact the life of students?

II.How the restriction or elimination of Student Affairs would negatively impact the student AND the institution

a.Negative Impact #1 – The school’s ability to attract top-tier students.

b.Negative Impact #2 – The school’s possible diminished standing in both the local community and the educational community.

c.Negative Impact #3 – Possible decreased funding for the institution.

III.How does Student Affairs shape student involvement, student engagement, and student integration in positive ways?

a.Point #1 – Discuss the number and types of clubs and organizations available (look at your school as a case study) – This talks about diversity

b.Point #2 – Discuss sororities & fraternities – This highlights connectiveness/inclusion.

c.Point #3 – Discuss the role of student government on campus – This may highlight policy decisions that affect all students.

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