What’s your opinion and analysis of the company’s current state of affairs?

Would a different design be more appropriate?
November 27, 2020
Describe the facts, including background (nature of company business, trading history, size, etc.) and nature and amount of losses realise
November 27, 2020

Managerial Finance Publicly Held Company Analysis Outline

Company: Walmart

Below is an outline of what should be included in the empty slides:

– Major reported financial numbers: Net Income (Loss), Total Current Assets, Total Assets, Total Current Liabilities, Total Liabilities, Total Shareholders’ Equity, Total Shares authorized, Total Shares outstanding

– Current Events affecting your company

– Stock Analysis from Week 6 – Week of Presentation (roughly 10 weeks), include beta, price/earnings ratio, and market risk

– Competition in the market

– Your opinion and analysis of the company’s current state of affairs

**Remember there are NO paragraphs on a slideshow. Bullets, tables, pictures, etc are what make a slideshow good.

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