What were the needs it addressed?

What issues does Sternheimer find with the argument that children are prone to imitating media violence?
January 20, 2021
What international staffing policy is AstraZeneca pursuing with regard to its “high-potential” employees?
January 20, 2021


Case Study – 3 Questions on a video

CEMEX was founded in Mexico in 1906. It is the world’s largest building materials supplier and the third largest cement producer. In 1999, CEMEX launched Patrimonio Hoy, offering do-ityourself construction services to low-income households.

Consider the following questions as you watch the video below:

1. Why should we consider this an example of social entrepreneurship?

2. What was new and different about this social intrapreneurial venture?

3. What were the needs it addressed?

Compose your response to these questions using a maximum of 2 pages 1½ spaced. Use sources including the one below the video.


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