What was your annual ROE?

Design a gantt chart for the schedule that you propose.
November 27, 2020
Explain in the committee meeting, in which you recommend three monetary policy actions to control money supply that may turn the economy around.
November 27, 2020

1.     What is the FV of a $1 million investment made today ten years from now with an anticipated 15% annual ROE?

2.     What is the present value of a lump sum $300,000 inheritance received 40 years from now assuming a 2% inflation rate?

3.     If an investment is made today of $400,000 at a guaranteed rate of 5%, how many years will it need to be invested to realize a FV of $1,000,000?

4.     Assume that your $250,000 investment made today will realize you $2,500,000 in 20 years in the future. What was your annual ROE?

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