What is your diagnosis?

What basic schools of thought exist regarding ethical behavior?
December 22, 2020
Evaluate the decision. Why do you think this is the best decision possible?
December 22, 2020

1.       Microscopic examination of a faecal float from a stray dog revealed the presence of thin-walled tetrasporocystic, dizoic, sporulated coccidian oocysts. What is your diagnosis?   A. Eimeriacanis                     B. Neospora caninum   C. Sarcocystis canis   D. Toxoplasma gondi    E. Isospora canis

2.       …………………………. has two rounded (ear-shaped) teeth in the buccal capsule.   A. Strongylus vulgaris                   B. Strongylus equinus   C. Strongylus edentates   D. Small Strongyles   E. Strongyloides westeri

3.       Patent Strongyloides westeri infections can develop in foals as young as .   A. 1 week old                                           B. 2 weeks old    C. 3 weeks old   D. 4 weeks old   E. 5 weeks old

4.       Which one of the followingabnormalities is causedby transdermal penetration of third stage larvae of Strongyloides westeri in foals?   A. Frenzied behavior   B. Nose bleeding   C. Oedema   D. Hypersensitivity reaction   E. Haemorrhage