What is the history of the issue or problem?

Interviewing an expert.
January 19, 2021
How does the Beowulf poet present Beowulf as a character?
January 19, 2021

Identify an issue or problem in your current work setting that could be the focus of a change project. Outline the pluses, potentials, concerns, and ways to successfully implement change (PPCo). Develop an 8-10 page paper which examines, in depth, the items you have outlined.

In your assessment of the problem and identification of possible solutions, include the following in your discussion. Provide supporting literature (5-7 articles minimum) regarding the issues identified as you engage in the examination of the problem.

  1. Background of the problem. What is the history of the issue or problem? Why do you believe change is necessary? Advantages to implementing change. What are the positive aspects of initiating change? (Pluses)
  2. Possibilities related to implementing change. How might the organization benefit from implementing change?
  3. (Potentials)
  4. Possible obstacles to implementing change. What will you need to address in order to successfully implement change? (Concerns)
  5. Brainstorm ideas for overcoming obstacles identified in #3. What can be done to overcome concerns? (Overcome)

Essay 2: Process Preferences: Knowing Yourself and Others (10 points) – 700-1,000 words Criteria Points Available Points Awarded Comments Student described the process preference(s) that best describe(s) his/herself and provided examples to support the assessment. 3 Student identified the process preferences of work team members and discussed the contributions and/or perceived obstacles that were an outcome of their involvement. 3 Student explained how to use the information to work productively as a team in the future. 3 APA and Writing Style

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