What international staffing policy is AstraZeneca pursuing with regard to its “high-potential” employees?

Given that she was writing in 2013, does her argument (and/or Postman’s) hold up in 2020?
January 20, 2021
Research behavioral and psychological factors associated with disengaging from terrorism
January 20, 2021

Apa Format. At least 3 references. At least 10 sentences for each questions.

Read the Management Focus article about AstraZeneca (page 577) of the textbook (13th ed.), then answer the following questions in your discussion thread.

  1. What international staffing policy is AstraZeneca pursuing with regard to its “high-potential” employees?
  2. Why does AstraZeneca limit this policy to just high-potential employees? Can you see a drawback in doing this?
  3. What staffing policy is AstraZeneca adopting with regard to its subsidiaries in places such as China? Is this an appropriate policy?
  4. Do you think the company is doing enough to limit well-known risks and costs associated with high expatriate failure rates? Is there anything else it might do?
  5. What do you think about AstraZeneca’s efforts to increase employee diversity? How might this benefit the company?
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