What form will your memorial take?

Explain how your campaign would be financed.
November 27, 2020
Who will have access to what data?
November 27, 2020

“Take a look at the AIDS Memorial Quilt website at www.AIDSQuilt.org, and think about how
people who have died of AIDS have been memorialized in this creative and emotionally
evocative way. Thinking about the LGBTQ people and issues we have discussed in the past
four chapters, choose either one person or one event to memorialize in a creative way. What
form will your memorial take? How will you creatively talk about the past in ways that will be
educational, relevant, and meaningful for contemporary audiences?”
For this question, feel free to include drawings, sketches, photographs or other images that can
help you to convey your creative ideas for your chosen person or event and their or its


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