What are the implications of the spread of the disease?

Did it affect your view of justice?
November 28, 2020
Which costs would be utilized in making the decision to purchase the asset?
November 28, 2020

Topic: Assignment: Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases Fact Sheet

Details: Please I uploaded Zika fact sheet to show you what the assignment will look like. Please they don’t want diabetes or Heart disease. They want it to be colorful and beautiful, also creative

Assignment: Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases Fact Sheet
Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power.” This is most definitely true when it comes to diseases and how to prevent and treat them. As a nurse, you are charged with teaching patients how to prevent infectious diseases and what to do if they become infected. A powerful tool in your arsenal is the Fact Sheet. Usually comprised of one page of easy-to-read content, these leaflets can be distributed easily and can effectively inform your practice.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Select one disease that is either emerging or re-emerging in the world today.
Research the disease using both scholarly and non-scholarly resources.
Determine your audience (patients, other nurses, schools, etc.) that you would want to share the Fact Sheet with.
Select pieces of information that are appropriate for your audience.
By Day 7
Submit: A 1- to 2-page Fact Sheet.

Indicate the audience on the Fact Sheet.
Give a brief history of the disease.
What are the implications of the spread of the disease?
How does one detect and prevent the spread of this disease?
How is this disease treated?
Your Fact Sheet should be visually stimulating, appropriate for your audience, and formatted with bullet points for easy reading.

Support your “facts” with references.

Note: Your Fact Sheet must be supported with at least three scholarly sources of evidence in the literature.

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