What are legal (employment only) and employee relations issues that might be relevant?

Living Religions.
November 20, 2020
Explain how Hamilton distinguishes between religion, faith, and morality
November 20, 2020

Global Human Resource Management

Learning Outcomes:

1. Identify different approaches to human resource management in other countries and regions;
2. Compare and contrast global management practices;
3. Demonstrate awareness of cultural attitudes and issues, particularly in emerging countries;
4. Compare and contrast employee legislation between countries and regions;
5. Recognise global industrial relations requirements;
6. Identify needs of employees in various areas, including expatriates;
7. Critically appraise the effect of multinationals on global human resource management.

You have been appointed as HR Manager for South East Asia. The organisation that you work for (a large manufacturing organisation) has operations in ten countries in this region. This is a new role, and one that you are required to develop. This is a very exciting opportunity, and you want to be sure that you develop a role that is of real value to the organisation.

Before you leave for South East Asia you have been asked to give a presentation outlining your initial thoughts about the role. Accompanying this presentation you are required to write a report. You have been asked to ensure that you address the following four points in your report:
1. What are the different approaches to HR, and how might they vary depending on where in the world HR is being practices?
2. What are legal (employment only) and employee relations issues that might be relevant and how these should be addressed.
3. What approach to reward would you recommend? In particular you are asked whether you think that reward should be controlled from the head office in UK.
4. What are the cultural issues that you expect to face? What are you going to have to think about in the way that you behave, and the way that you approach this role?
N.B. – In all elements of the assessment you are expected to integrate theory and practice.

1 The maximum length of the assessment is 2000 words.

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