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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020


Think of a small, local business in your neighborhood (Miramar, FL) (Pembroke Pines, FL). Prepare an annotated Powerpoint slide

describing how the business might benefit from using vendor managed inventory as described in your assigned reading. Include an example of a specific supplier along with a specific inventory item or category of items.

For this assignment you will create and upload a PowerPoint slide:

Open a new PowerPoint presentation and create a blank content slide.
Enable Notes in the normal slide view. See the Sample Powerpoint Slide

file in the Student Toolbox for an example.

In the Notes section of the slide, prepare a 2 fully-developed paragraph response to the above problem. Incorporate concepts from the assigned reading, and cite your source.
In the Display area of your PowerPoint slide, create a four to six bullet point overview of the notes. Keep the points brief & use an appropriate graphic.
You will be expected to present your information in class, using the PowerPoint slide. Your presentation should not exceed 3 minutes.

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