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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020

Develop a Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) Paper for a supply chain of an organization of your choice from any time period: past, present or future. This is a three-part submission which will be delivered on separate weeks (uploaded to Assignments). Do not include any secure, confidential or private information in your plan. Your TIP should include background about the organization, its products and services, markets, and supply chain strategies (e.g., green chain). Also describe its current freight flows and future freight flows after implementation of one or more of your recommended transportation improvement projects would be executed. Use a multi-year (more than one year) planning horizon. Support your Plan with theories, concepts, and best practices from the course textbook and scholarly resources available from the APUS Library.

· – Part 1 is the topic of your plan. This should be a minimum of 300 words. Also include title page, reference page, and use APA Style

– Part 2 is a detailed outline of your plan (4 pages).

· – Part 3 is the detailed outline of your plan but with a minimum of facts and information from three peer-reviewed or other journal sources. (4 pages)

– Final Paper: 18 pages

Example Template for the TIP Paper:

Demographic information about the organization: industry classification; markets, locations, # of employees, products & services, suppliers, other pertinent information
How does this supply chain support the organization’s strategic goals?
What are the strengths of this supply chain?
What are the weaknesses of this supply chain?
What metrics does the organization utilize for its supply chain?
What transportation initiatives and innovations has it implemented?
What transportation initiatives and innovations should it consider?
What should be the next step be to improve the supply chain?
Provide details to support your conclusions as necessary.
You may find it useful to compare the supply chain you are analyzing to an exemplar, standard, or benchmark

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