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Transportation Assignment and Network Models Assignment | Get Homework Help
June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020
  1. Explain what it means for an assignment model to be balanced.
  2. Explain the purpose of the transshipment constraints in the linear program for a transshipment model.
  3. Describe a problem that can be solved by using the shortest-route model.
  4. The management of the Executive Furniture Corporation decided to expand the production capacity at its Des Moines factory and to cut back the production capacities at its other two factories. It also recognizes a shifting market for its desks and revises the requirements at its three warehouses. The table on this page provides the requirement at each of the warehouses, the capacity at each of the factories, and the shipping cost per unit to ship from each factory to each warehouse. Find the least-cost way to meet the requirements given the capacity at each factory
To From Albuquerque Boston Cleveland Capacity
DES MOINES $5 $4 $3 300
EVANSVILLE $8 $4 $3 150
FORT LAUDERDALE $9 $7 $5 250
REQUIREMENTS 200 200 300
  • In a job shop operation, four jobs may be performed on any of four machines. The hours required for each job on each machine are presented in the following table. The plant supervisor would like to assign jobs so that total time is minimized. Find the best solution. Which assignments should be made?
Job W X Y Z
A12 10 14 16 13
A15 12 13 15 12
B2 9 12 12 11
B9 14 16 18 16
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