Transcultural Health Care.

Why is it important to have an adaptable workforce in a global economy?
February 6, 2021
Scientific Management vs Strategic Management.
February 6, 2021

The African American and Amish heritage in the United States.

People of African American Heritage

The Amish

Dissertation Chapter-Discussion Read chapter 6 and 7 of the class textbook Purnell, L.D. & Paulanka, B.J. (2013). Transcultural Health Care. A Culturally Competent Approach (4th ed.)

ISBN: 978-0-07-760350-1

Once done answer the following questions;

1. Discuss the cultural development of the African American and Amish heritage in the United States.

2. What are the cultural beliefs of the African American and Amish heritage related to health care and how they influence the delivery of evidence-based healthcare?

A minimum of 2 evidence-based references (besides the class textbook) no older than 5 years is required. A minimum of 500 words (excluding the first and references page) is required. APA style

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