The Six Domains of Trauma-Informed Care in Multicultural Contexts

Discuss the types of consideration a nurse must be mindful of while performing a health assessment on a geriatric patient as compared to a middle-aged adult.
January 20, 2021
How did the objective theory of contracts affect the results in this case?
January 20, 2021

Consider your own experiences and abilities related to work with trauma in multicultural contexts.

Describe your own experience (at your current / former workplace or an educational setting )with regard to the six domains of Trauma-informed care principles. What did you and/or your current or former workplace/school do to develop each of the following areas? If they did nothing in that area, say what you could see yourself contributing. Be sure to cite the readings.

  • Safety
  • Trustworthiness and Transparency
  • Peer Support Collaboration and Mutuality
  • Empowerment, Voice and Choice
  • Cultural, Historical, and Gender Issues

Response papers should present a balance between personal reflections and a summary/synthesis of ideas from the readings. Use proper APA citations.




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