“That’s edutainment: Digital media and learning in the home”

Discuss the different types of costs.
November 27, 2020
Write a 550-600 word script about the Affect on trustful and respectful relationships In regards to mental health
November 27, 2020

Education and entertainment

Read: ‘That’s edutainment: Digital media and learning in the home’ (This will be provided for you).


Question: What parental desires and insecurities does the marketing of ‘edutainment’ products rely on?

Analysis: Have a look at the Baby Einstein website (http://www.babyeinstein.com), particularly the product demos, the parent testimonials and the ‘About Us’ section. What ideas about television, young children, parenting and children’s television viewing are expressed on the websites? Why do you think products like these exist? Do you know of any similar products? Bring examples to your tutorials.

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