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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020

Please do not fill the entire paper with charts and graphs. This is not considered proper and will be docked points for not completing 5 full pages.

You are a staff member of an Emergency Management Department. The emergency manager has assigned you to assist in the design and direction of a table top exercise involving a natural disaster threat. Although the emergency manager realizes that many of the objectives will be developed during the planning meetings, he/she wants a basic outline of the scenario that will be developed, a timeline of the exercise involving the planning meetings and the exercise date, a list of the individuals who will be invited to be part of the exercise design team, a list of individuals who will be invited to the exercise itself, the location of the TTX, any logistical needs involving the exercise, and the estimated cost.

Note: This written assignment requirement is for a minimum of 5-7 double-spaced pages of content, submitted in APA format, using 12-point font, this does not include the cover page, abstract and reference page.

In addition, your paper must include a cover page, abstract and reference page. A minimum of four scholarly sources must be used.

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