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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

The document should make a bibliographic analysis on sustainable development requires radical and systemic innovations. These innovations can create and study more effectively by building on the concept of business models. The concepts that provide an analytical tool that allows them to evaluate the interaction between the different aspects they combine to create ecological, economic and social value should be analyzed. The research subtopics will be the following:
Chapter 1. Sustainable production and innovation.
Chapter 2. Linking sustainable innovations to business models.
Chapter 3. Including the macro level: innovation system, socio-technical systems and transition management.
Chapter 4. The link between competitiveness and sustainable innovation at different levels.
Chapter 5. Educational innovation, beyond the classroom.
Each chapter will have a graph on the subject.
The structure of the document will be as follows:

1. Summary. Briefly explain what the document is about
2. Introduction: you must explain the background and the proposal or justification of what you want to do, in the most concise way possible, indicating the objectives of the investigation and what will be presented in the document
3. Methodology: hierarchizes and groups the selected and reviewed bibliography according to topics to be discussed in the article. You should capture the procedure that was performed during the review analysis.
4. Development and discussion: Analysis of the bibliography, according to the previously structured organization. Proof of the results of different authors and the critical argumentation of each aspect discussed in the article. This documentary investigation must serve as a synthesis, coherent, clear and perfectly argued of what has already been done during previous investigations.
5. Conclusions: the work will end indicating the conclusions reached by the authors of the manuscript, as well as the possible implications and recommendations from which they can be derived.
6. Bibliographic References

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