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June 15, 2020
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For this order, it’s two parts, the first part is to write the post for this assignment, then 2nd is to respond to 2 classmates, I will be sent it to you later, probably the last day of this order.
In this assignment, you will use stasis theory as a way to craft potential thesis statements.


As a way to explore stasis theory, compose four possible thesis statements. Each thesis should focus on a different type of stasis.

Then, write a paragraph discussing which theses were more challenging to write, which were easier and why you found them so.

Please organize your post as follows:
Thesis 1
Thesis 2
Thesis 3
Thesis 4


Your response should be two paragraphs long. In the first paragraph, identify which of your partner’s thesis statements you find most interesting and why you find it so. In the second paragraph, compare their experience writing the different type of thesis statements to your own.

Learning Objectives:
Develop familiarity with stasis theory
Practice developing different thesis statements
Reflect on your own writing process


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