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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020

Question 1 – The textbook authors describe several major assumptions of the sociological perspectives. Identify and discuss one of the major assumptions of the sociological perspective described in the text. (CHAPTER 1)
Minimum 300 words for your primary response.

Question 2- Several technological developments contributed to the rise of modern sport. Briefly, identify two of these and show how they contributed to the transformation of sport. (CHAPTER 2)
Minimum 300 words for your primary response
(“Padding” your postings – meaning that you used compliments, restatements or other meaningless words – that were used, in my opinion, simply to get to the word counts, or otherwise no meaningfully contribute to the discussion, will cost you 5 to 10% of the weekly discussion grade – PER posting.) Please cite your work thank you


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