Social Issues: A person whose political views are polar opposite of yours

Is this a situation that might require a referral to Child Protection Services?
November 20, 2020
How does medical malpractice differ from a standard negligence claim?
November 20, 2020

In this paper, please be sure to provide background information on the controversy surrounding the topic, addressing all views, and how it would relate to your work in the human services field. How would your values and beliefs about this issue impact your work? How would you go about avoiding issues of malpractice when working with a client experiencing this first hand? Is there countertransference you may struggle with?
Here are some possible issues that your client may be presenting with that you choose to discuss. The issues have been organized by different categories:
Family Issues: • • • • •
A person leaving his/her partner to pursue an affair
An interracial couple seeking premarital counseling
A person who admittedly abuses his/her partner
A parent who talks about LEGALLY using marijuana while supervising their children
A same-sex couple who is seeking to adopt
Social Issues: • •
A transgender person looking for counseling to address depression
A person who is considering involuntary hospitalization of a mentally ill or handicapped family member A person who admits to having an addiction to pornography
A woman who is considering having an abortion
• A person whose political views are polar opposite of yours

Criminal Issues:
A person considering euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide
A person who has admitted to molesting children in the past
A person who has been released from prison after committing a murder
A minor who admits to using illegal drugs

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