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June 17, 2020
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Consider the questions in the following document; should we create a regulation for USM campuses? Remember, policy (where we are now) is unenforceable and regulation is enforceable by law. You have four main directions you can go with this assignment: get rid of the policy altogether, keep the policy as is, keep the policy but change it, create a law and regulation.

We did not talk about market failure very much in class. Market failure is when there is a breakdown in the transaction of goods and services based on the concept of supply and demand. For example, Medicare was enacted in 1966 due to the failure of the healthcare market to meets the needs of the 65+ population. The US valued providing health care opportunities to seniors, but seniors were unable to pay for the needed health care. Because we did not want to see our elderly population suffering and dying because they could not afford to participate in the healthcare marketplace, we created Medicare to meet this unmet need. Do we see a current market failure in the smoke free policy, or is the market itself regulating the situation?

View the attached documents from the University System of Maryland and UMBC to explore out current policy.

Question 1

The State of Maryland is considering creation of new regulation that would prohibit smoking on any state funded college and university campuses. While the University system of Maryland has a smoke free campus policy, universities have quite a bit of flexibility in the implementation of this policy, leading to wide variations across the State. The State has asked you, as a university task force, to examine the need for this regulation. Considering all of the concepts we have discussed in class thus far, what is your response? Take into account why we would regulate, the primary goals of regulation, if there is market failure leading towards regulation, the values that regulation would uphold and conflict with, and what likely outcomes might be.

Create a written statement summarizing your main points and recommendations for the State.



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