Should we be able to say anything we want?

Why is it important to have an adaptable workforce in a global economy?
February 6, 2021
Scientific Management vs Strategic Management.
February 6, 2021

Legal Resoning

Write 2 paragraphes per discussion. Article for each discussion are in the links below.

1. Many usually list freedom of speech as their favorite Constitutional right. How free should it be? Should we be able to say anything we want? Consider also about protections for public employees and the 1st amendment.

Article for Question 1…

2. One of the issues in the article discussed how the Constitution is to be interpreted. One school of thought says that we should always interpret the Constitution under the circumstances of its origin (Justice Scalia who recently passed away was an originalist). Another school of thought views it as a living and transformative document that should be interpreted based on the current times. Where do you stand? Explain substantively.

Article for question 2,8599…

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