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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Directions: Choose a SCIENCE FICTION FILM that explores any of the technology-related themes we have discussed or read about in this course. Using your analysis of Ex Machina as a model, write an evaluative analysis of this film. In this analysis, you might want to consider some (but not all) of the following questions.

What real-life issues of our world does this film address?
Does it address these successfully? Why or why not?
How do the elements of filmmaking help this text explore this subject (cinematography, set-design, acting, soundtrack, visual effects, etc.)?
What other Science Fiction texts does this remind you of? (You may compare this to Ex Machina if you wish, but this is not required.)
Using your own analysis of the work, as well as AT LEAST FOUR REPUTABLE SOURCES (CITED MLA STYLE) that critique or enhance your understanding of the film, compose an essay that supports your claim.

Before you begin drafting: You will be submitting to me a proposal with an annotated bibliography. This proposal will allow me to offer you some suggestions and feedback as well as make sure you are on track. We will review the procedure for proposals and annotated bibliographies soon.
Though you should employ any of the writing strategies we have discussed this quarter, this essay should be first and foremost argumentative or persuasive in nature. In other words, it must take a convey a conviction or position.
As was the case with your last essay, specificity of your thesis is an ideal to which you should aspire, while vagueness and excessive broadness are things which you should avoid. For example, “Ex Machina was an awesome movie” is too broad a thesis while “In an age where technology is becoming ubiquitous, Ex Machina suggests that our dependent relationships with machines will ultimately lead to humanity’s downfall” is much better. Awareness of this early on in the brainstorming process will save you a lot of headache in the future. Of course, I am here to offer you assistance if you get stuck and need a nudge in the right direction.
It also never hurts to be aware of the counterargument or rebuttal of your thesis and to be sure to address it sufficiently and respectively in the body of your essay. For example, does this film have its detractors? What are some criticisms that would challenge your evaluation of the work?
If are having trouble selecting a film, this list over at the IMDB is a great place to start!
Using the databases and techniques demonstrated to you in the online library resource page, as well as information gathered from other sources, support your thesis with reliable and substantial evidence. For more help consult myself or a librarian. Again, this paper will require you to use at least four reputable sources.
Because of time constraints, I am not going to require peer-editing for this assignment. However, I highly recommend a face-to-face or virtual visit with your first draft to the Writing Center.

The Movie to do this essay on is: 2.0

This is the link to watch the trailer. You can search for the movie online and watch it. Or here is the link to watch the full movie:
Once you open the link click on watch now and you should be able to watch it.

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