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June 15, 2020
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For this unit’s Assignment, you will use the concepts learned to this point to analyze a school-based
services scenario in which in which there is a need to conduct an initial behavioral assessment. While
you should rely primarily on the textbook readings and the optional reading provided, you also may
use other internet research if necessary. Review the scenario and answer the questions.
Scenario: ABC Behavioral Services has received a referral to conduct a behavioral assessment on a
student named Dave who attends B.F. Skinner Elementary School. Mary Jane is a Board Certified
Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) who works for ABC and was assigned to conduct an initial
assessment of the problems that are occurring. Mary Jane is gathering initial data through direct and
indirect behavioral assessment methods to discuss with the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
Supervisor at ABC. Dave is a 9-year-old 4th grade student who is diagnosed with Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder. To this point, Mary has been able to gather the following information:
Dave lives in a single-parent home with his mother and younger sister. Dave has been referred to
ABC Behavioral Services because he engages in extreme disruptive behavior in his math and
reading classes. Though he has some problems following directions consistently in other classes, his
behaviors are not nearly as problematic. Dave’s mother also reports that he has similar issues with
compliance in the home but that these problems are not so significant that they warrant attention.
Dave’s mother is very frustrated with his teachers because they only call to report inappropriate
behavior and the need for her to talk to him about the importance of following school rules.
Dave’s math and reading teachers are constantly sending him to the office where he is monitored by
the administrative assistant, with whom he never has a problem. Dave stated that he likes his other
teachers and the administrative assistant because they talk to him but he hates math and reading
because they just give him hard work and argue all of the time. When asked to describe disruptive
behavior, the math teacher said that he is “always into something instead of working.” The reading
teacher stated that he is “always interrupting class.” Upon visiting his reading class, his teacher
inquires about another student in the class who also engages in significant problem behavior.
Discuss the following questions in essay format based on your readings:
1. Discuss the four functions of behavior and how they relate to functional behavioral
assessment. Discuss which of the four functions of behavior appear to be relevant to the case
scenario and why?
2. Discuss how indirect functional behavioral assessment and direct descriptive functional
behavioral assessment are used to understand behavior. Provide an example of at least two
PS385 | Targeted Topics in Applied Behavior Analysis
indirect and two direct assessment methods that can be used to understand the behavioral
problems in the current case scenario. What are the advantages and limitations of each?
Discuss the parent’s role in the assessment process and information that can be gathered that
might be important for the school to know.
3. Based on your prior readings on defining target behaviors, what is the problem with the
teachers’ description of disruptive behavior? How might the teachers’ description of disruptive
behavior impact direct assessment?
4. Why are ethical guidelines important in assessing behavior? Are there any concerns in the
current case scenario that could potentially lead to ethical violations?Explain

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