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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

I will provide you with a case study as a PDF to follow it in this report file and risk management template to fill it
1) Introduction
a. What is risk management
b. Overview
c. Purpose of the report
2) Risk identification and impact assessment
a. Identify and critically analyze the impact of possible risks for the case study.
b. Record the risks identified in a risk register
c. Use a risk probability and impact matrix to rate and prioritize the risks
d. Risk Management template
3) Risk management and reporting
. Develop appropriate response strategies to effectively manage identified risks in the case study.
b. The use of risk management
c. Identify and describe how the stakeholders will be apprised of the project’s ongoing risk management activities
4) Highlights issues
5) Critical Analysis
6) Conclusion
7) References

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