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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

Assignment 1: Research Paper Proposal
Due: At the end of Unit 2 of the Study Guide
Length: No more than 2–3 double-spaced pages
The purpose of the research paper proposal is to get you thinking about what you will be writing for the research paper. Once your tutor returns this assignment to you, be sure to keep it handy as you must use the written tutor feedback for writing your research paper.
Step 1: Determine your research question
There are a number of interesting areas in the study of youth justice. For the purposes of this research paper proposal, review the unit topics in the Study Guide and select an area of interest. You may find the study questions useful in determining the question you want to pose for your research. You are not required to have completed all of the units prior to selecting your question, but you may opt to read ahead in order to select a question that interests you.
You are permitted to select one of the study questions as your research question, or you may come up with your own question. You must conduct some preliminary research in order to develop your thesis statement (the response to the research question and central argument for your final research paper). This preliminary research will also help you to develop a minimum of three sub-arguments or points that further help to support and develop your central argument. These must be included in the proposal and include citations to relevant sources of evidence.
Recall from Unit 2 and Chapter 5 of your textbook the distinction between what we believe to be true and what is scientific fact. It is critical to this proposal, and the writing of the final research paper that follows, that you develop a thesis that is based on the available empirical evidence. Remember when writing this proposal (and the research paper) to ask

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