Research paper on Data governance in the health sector.

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February 12, 2021
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February 12, 2021

Data Governance in the Health

Research paper

write a research paper on data governance in health sector. detailed requirements are in the attached doc.

A research paper on Data governance in the health sector:


–        look at policies that influence how For-Profit Social Enterprises in health sector to regulate and commercialize data

–        look at policies in Government Agencies in health sector to regulate and commercialize data

–        look at policies in Non for Profit to regulate and commercialize data.

–        Research best policies in data regulation (confidentiality, anything regulatory) across health industries in For-Profit Social Enterprises, Government Agencies, and Non for Profit.

–        Reference page at the end

there is no need to have an intro and conclusion, the research part is the most important.

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