Reciprocity in Social Preferences Assignment | Online Assignment

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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

The paper should have plenty of references, however the book of “EDWARD CARTWRIGHT” called behavioral economics should be the main work to compare in your paper (Pages from 321 till 346 ) have the part of reciprocity in social preferences

* Social preferences theories, models ,reciprocal preferences as well as experimental evidence for social preferences like behavior economics games (Dictator game,trust game, ultimatum game and gift exchange game …) should all be well explained in the paper

1. All manuscripts should be submitted in Word format with 1.5 line spacing. The papers must provide 10-20 pages of content (excluding the front pages, content overview,
bibliography, and appendix). I strongly recommend manuscripts not exceed 25 pages. The
suggested length includes reference lists, figures, and tables. Excessively long
submissions may be summarily rejected.
2. Please use 12-point Times New Roman or similar font. Margins should be 1.5 inches on the top, bottom, and sides.
3. Note that I’m also expected to read the appendix, and the appendix also must stay within a reasonable length. Unless the circumstances are exceptional (in which case you can feel free to explain them in your cover letter), do not expect me to be able to process a 100-page appendix within a reasonable time frame. Manuscripts with unreasonably long
appendices may also be downgraded.
4. Your manuscript should include a title page with each author’s name and contact information.
5. Include an abstract of 150 or fewer words.
6 . an outline is also mandatory
7. Fully reference of the most important prior work on the same subject and compare your paper to that work. In addition to referencing the work of other scholars, you should be certain to cite your own work when applicable

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