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June 16, 2020
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You need to write a reaction paper to the statement mentioned below by including what you’ve learned about guest lecturer speech, our hospital visit (in Sorrento), and Dr. spano from Sant’ Anna Institute and compare it to the account of one of our international student’s Dihwa mentioned below.

Ideally, decisions concerning healthcare systems would be based purely on logic and effectiveness with the highest regard being paid to what makes the most sense for a population. However, realistically, it is evident that all countries have a history and an attachment to what they consider staples of tradition. Healthcare models are a combination of what makes sense, what is value-based on history, what is useful politically, what the government and patients can afford, and how things have been done in the past. People everywhere need healthcare services as dictated by the fragile human condition and mortality. Although this need is shared, how different countries choose to cater to it is very culturally and historically based and can only be developed through political and economic means. Healthcare is an interesting topic to study in respect to this because of its importance as a lucrative business and a vital service to society.
Dihwa, V. 08/27/18. A comparative analysis of healthcare systems in the USA and Zimbabwe. Master’s Thesis. Rosemont College, Rosemont PA, USA. Retrieved from Rosemont College Library

U.s guest speaker danielle, American ranks last among the wealthy countries since we spend 10348 per capita. Employer health spending continues to grow. Government spending is also continuing to rise. Elections will put healthcare back in the spotlight. There is a shift into the future with rising rates of telemedicine and a decrease in emergency room visits. What differentiate the us system as there is no central agency governs our system. Access is based on insurance; third party insurers are intermediaries between finance and delivery. Quality is achievable although healthcare is offered under imperfect market activity. New technology creates demand for its use.

Dr. Spano agreed that the Italian healthcare system was flawed and can provider more access in southern Italy. She also stated that northern Italy has more doctors and better healthcare overall so for sure more tax dollars are allocated to this area. However in the south, you will only be able to access the public health system the private doctors and hospitals congregate in bigger cities where residents are more likely to have private medical insurance. The doctor service officially runs on a 12-hour basis, five days a week. The GP has about 1,000 patients on their roster.

Hospital synoposis

The hospital was small but used a triage system for the emergency room like the one in the united stated. In the er there are six patients to a room which are all the same sex, and each side of the hall houses male one side and female on the other. Patient are stabilized in sorrento hospital but will be transferred to naples if necessary for better care. They lacked air conditioning, but most Italian natives are used to this. I witnessed many religious statues in the corner of every floor during the tour. The room are small and equipment according to what Americans are used to is old and in need of an update

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