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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

1) What role if any should religious reasons play in law making and in state policy? Discuss with reference to Rawls and Habermas.
(2) Is inequality of wealth just?
(3) Do people have an entitlement to be rewarded for their talents? How does your view of this specific issue relate to the Rawls/Nozick debate?
(4) Does Rawls’s theory of justice allow for adequate citizenship? Does he allow for both the full development and exercise of citizenship? What is the role of the “moral powers” in that part of Rawls’s theory?
(5) Normative political theories, as such, are often aspirational , even utopian. Does this suggest that they are flawed? In what ways should normative theorizing be constrained by empirical facts? Discuss with reference to Rawls and one other theory.


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