Create a survey to assess the subject’s spiritual need during the interview.
October 29, 2020
Risk Management
October 29, 2020

A woman who states that she smokes 2 packs of cigarettes each day is admitted to the labor and delivery suite in labor. The nurse should monitor this labor for which of the following?

i.            Delayed placental separation.

ii.            Late decelerations.

iii.            Shoulder dystocia.

iv.            Precipitous fetal descent.

2.A nurse has just received report on 4 neonates in the newborn nursery. Which of the babies should the nurse assess first?

i.            Neonate whose mother is HIV positive.

ii.            Neonate whose mother is group B streptococcus positive.

iii.            Neonate whose mother’s labor was 12 hours long.

iv.            Neonate whose mother gained 45 pounds during her pregnancy.

The umbilical cord is being clamped by the obstetrician. Which of the following physiological changes is taking place at this time?

1.       The baby’s blood bypasses its pulmonary system.

2.       The baby’s oxygen level begins to drop.

3.       Bacteria begin to invade the baby’s bowel.

4.        Bilirubin rises in the baby’s bloodstream.

1. The development of health behaviors is influenced by all of the following except

A. reinforcing factors, which involve external recognition for achieving a goal.

B. preexisting health factors, which take into account the individual’s current position on the wellness continuum.

C. predisposing factors, which include knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs.

D. enabling factors, which are related to an individual’s skills and capabilities to make behavioral changes.

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