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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

For this paper, I need to pick one of the following departments. I do not have a preference which one you use for the paper.
1. A Manufacturing Department producing widgets with an internal production rejection rate of 2% and a return within warranty period of 5%.
2. A Service Department with complaints from 7% of its customers.
Neither department has detailed records of what the issues are. In your paper, recommend a proposed quality improvement plan based on the COPIS model. The recommendation should include the following:
Build the justification for a quality improvement plan.
Identify several approaches to customer service and describe one more in depth; illustrate the relationship between customer loyalty and output satisfaction.
Design an output-control and measurement approach to improve process performance.
Evaluate different process-improvement and management approaches.
Justify a recommended process-improvement approach.
Develop an input-measurement and management approach.
Develop a supplier-management approach to improve input and supplier quality.
Propose your customer-focused recommendations in your summary or conclusion.
You improvement plan must incorporate at least three scholarly sources in addition to the course text.

Further explanation of what the professor is looking for in the final paper:
The requirement provides you with a scenario with specific metrics you can use to design an effective plan.
As you learned in class, apply the GAP analysis technique as a beginning point for your analysis. The scenario provides you the starting point. You must determine the goal (use SMART technique) and the path to achieve that goal (process improvement plan). Clearly identify what elements you feel will increase the quality of the activity at the organization (quantitative based on the metrics provided in the scenario).
Remember, the philosophies are a tool, not a plan. You need to tell how to use the tool to increase the quality metric you identify in the GAP analysis.
Keep the scenario in mind as you apply the elements you learned about the COPIS model. Make sure your plan is actionable. The test for whether your plan is actionable, is if you gave it to an employee, they could implement your plan, to standard, without further guidance (or minimal guidance, at most).
Do not try to cover too much; a focused, detailed plan is far better than a vague, over generalized, under developed discussion of hypothetical options (hypothetical options use the words could, may, should, etc.). Provide specific success-based ideas for your plan versus hypothetical situations.

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