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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

This task is designed to develop your understanding of the relationship among public opinion, policy and the public sphere. It requires you to research the contemporary nature of role of the public sphere, especially in relation to the integration of digital, online spaces (such as websites, social media, mobile media, digital platform


s, and so on) from an organisational communication perspective.

You are able to choose the type of organisation you would like to investigate in your report. This can be a NGO (like Amnesty International or Greenpeace), either national or international, a political party, a supranational institution like the United Nations or the World Trade Organisation.


How does your chosen organisation use online spaces and digital technology to engage with the public?
Does the use of such digital technologies alter, extend, or refine the organisation’s engagement with public sphere and public opinion?
Provide recommendations for more effective communication based on your analysis.
Key questions

What is the mission, key objectives, and strategies of the organisation, especially in relation to public sphere and public opinion?
Who are the organisation’s stakeholders?
Who does the organisation target in dissemination of messages and information?
What is the content and form of the organisation’s online communication?
According to what kind of timing does the organisation disseminate specific messages and information?
In what kind of online and digital platforms, does the chosen organisation present its public image? What is behind these choices?
Assignment Presentation Requirements

Your report should be 1500 words in length.
Use of effective and consistent referencing or footnotes. Appendices and/or glossaries are encouraged. Writing should be concise and error-free.
Presentation should be professional in tone, style, formatting, and design.
Learning Support

This is a good resource (Links to an external site.) from Monash University about report writing, with a particular focus on style and structure. Below are three examples of reports for this assignment.

Example 1Preview the document

Example 2Preview the document

Example 3Preview the document

Learning outcomes

Research and analyse the roles of various stakeholders, including states, NGOs and other civil society actors in the formation of public policy
Critically assess the communication approaches, strategies and tactics these stakeholders employ
Reflect on the role of the professional communicator in influencing public opinion and legitimating policy
Interrogate theoretical positions and assumptions regarding the concept of the public sphere and processes of public opinion formation in a postmodern context

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