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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Watch this short clip from Parks and Rec ( ) and answer the following question based on the readings.
Leslie, who is now on the city council, is considering a proposal for a city-wide soda tax. Leslie’s best friend, Ann, a nurse and part-time public relations director with Pawnee’s health department, provides Leslie with evidence to show that the tax may decrease diabetes rates in the city. Leslie then meets with Ms. Pinewood, a representative from the Pawnee Restaurant Association, who makes the case for the consumer (who enjoy the inexpensive, sugary drinks) and against the soda tax.
Not shown in the clip but Ms. Pinewood also informs Leslie and Ann: If patrons want something healthier, they can order water zero, which contains 300 calories or “diet water zero lite” only has 60. Finally, Ms. Pinewood informs Leslie that if the tax passes, local restaurants will need to lay off 100 people, which she will attribute directly to Leslie in a press release. After holding a public meeting on the issue, Leslie is still unsure about what she should do. She struggles because she proposed the tax, but she is also cognizant of the impacts that the tax will have on the city (Borry, 2018, p. 310). Do you think that Leslie should vote for or against the sugar tax?
*Remember: this question is less about the sugar tax but instead on the public manager’s role in decision-making, and their duty toward responsibility and/or responsiveness