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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Use terms and information to formulate responses from the books below. I am a pharmacy retail store manager, so any information about work perform research to make answer authentic.Cachon, G. & Terwiesch, C. (2013). Matching supply with demand: An introduction to Cachon, G. & Terwiesch, C. (2017). Operations Management: . New York, NY: McGraw Hill Irwin. ISBN 978-1-259-142220-8 Larson & Gray, C. (2018). Project Management The Managerial Process 7E: . New York, NY: McGraw Hill Irwin. ISBN 978-1-259-66609-4.
1.Discuss why the airline industry is the perfect example of needing to match demand to

BUS 530 Operations and Project Management (ONLINE) 45

supply. What are some other industries that have similar challenges?(200Words)
2.Describe the types of risks that a project manager should consider and the risk

management process. Why should a project team spend time worrying about things that might

happen, how does risk management help ensure a project’s success.(200Words)
3.For the business plan/proposal you created for the Business Functions class, devise a process innovation using concepts discussed in this class. This should be a reflection paper, one-page single-spaced. APA format is not required. If you did not complete the Business Functions class, develop a process innovation for an existing process in your current work environment. (I did not complete the course above, I’m a retail pharmacy store manager, so match a process to that environment)
4. Complete Case 10.2 The Tom Bray on page 371 of Larson and Gray (Chapter 10). As a team, prepare a short presentation and respond to questions 1 through 3 presented at the end of the case. Each presentation will be 7 slides or less and will be presented in class in 10 min or less.

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