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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

In this assignment, you will review a Family Life Education Program. Please read the directions carefully as well as review the grading rubric below. Select a program focused on family life education (exclude marriage for the focus) to review and evaluate. This may be a program within your local community or you may conduct a search for one online. You may present your review using a Prezi or Powerpoint. In your evaluation of the program you must address the following areas:

1.Title: Name of the Program or Organization.
2.Resource: Provide a reference or source for locating information on this program (e.g. website)

1.Purpose: What need is your program designed to meet? (e.g., relationship education, sex education, bullying prevention, etc.).
2.Benefits: What are benefits of this program?

1.Audience: What individuals and groups may have an interest in this program?

1.What is the program’s context? That is, what contextual or cultural factors may affect its implementation or effectiveness?
2.How long has the program been in place?

1.What specific are conducted (or planned) to achieve the program’s outcomes? Discuss a few.

1.What do the activities produce (e.g., materials/resources, learning experiences)?

1.What are the program’s intended outcomes? (short-term outcomes)
2.What does the program ultimately want to change as a result of the activities (long-term outcomes)?

1.How would you rate this program on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being highly effective? Why this rating?
2.Areas that are favorable: Provide some positive aspects of the program.
3.Ares for improvement: What changes or additions would you make to this program to make it more favorable? Why?


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