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October 10, 2020
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October 10, 2020

Step 1; Assess a currently food product or create your own

Step 2: develop a new and improved version of the food product (on paper only). State what is it you are changing or adding and why
Example: if you are getting rid of a perservaive what is the shelf life of the product?
Example 2: will it be sold in the refrigerator section or self market

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Food Science Product Developmental Research Project Assignment | Get Paper Help
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You must include a bibliography and or work cited pages. you cannot use any websites. it has to be credible sources

Guide to assessing a currently available product:
1; what is the name and general description of product?
2: who is the (intended) market
3: what is that you want to change and why?
4: what are the raw ingredients and additives/preservatives needed to make this product and what is it you want to change?
5: what ingredients in this food would be considered additives? Describe the physical/chemical properties o each additive and preservatives and its purpose in this product. How will you be able to modify the ingredients and still have a successful product

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