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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

To what extent did the “for change” Obama/Trump voter, people who voted for both, impact the 2016 Presidential Decision? American National Election Study (ANES) found that 13% of Trump voters had voted for Obama in 2012. Some strategists have said this had a large impact on the 2016 election because they were concentrated in key swing states in the Midwest. Other experts have said that they were actually Obama Republicans who eventually came back home. Who is right and what is the relevance? The Global Strategy Group said that Obama/Trump voters accounted for more than two-thirds of Hillary Clinton’s loss. What can we take away from this study?
What were the factors that made the unlikely pair attractive to the same types of voters?
To what extent did that group just vote against a candidate?
Did the 2018 election decision cause a reset to party loyalty


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