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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

ESSAY TOPICS (Choose one)
1. Choose a minimum of four photos by a photojournalist and analyze their work. Explore why their work is of interest and why It is powerful. Examine how content and visual form, work together to make the photos successful. Do not present a standard biography—you must define why their photos move us.
2. Analyze photo coverage of the same event as published by any two newspapers or online publications. Compare the similarities and differences of how two different photographers have visualized the events., Why are the photos different even though they are of the same event? Why was one moment chosen over another by each of the photographers? Which is most effective and why?
3. How has digital photo manipulation affected our perception of people and events in society, and in the advertizing/celebrity world. What is the history of photo alteration and, how have techniques changed? Explore the impact upon photojournalism. Show examples.
GUIDELINES Essay topics # 1 and 2 should be your own analysis based on what you have learned during the course. Avoid shopping list analysis; link your ideas to themes and symbolism. #3 may require analysis with justification of your ideas citing sources. (i.e. books, web sites, magazines and news sites).
Present the photos at minimum 5 x 7 size as photocopies for easy reference. 1200 words maximum. Printed copy only. Do not email your essay as it will not be accepted in that form. Keep an electronic copy of your essay as backup.

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