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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

Start researching that Imogen cunningham’s work and biography. Start collecting images for inspiration. Pay particular attention to:
-Historical Perspective
-Mood of the images
-Styling and props
-Pose and expression

Part Two Research & Inspiration

Collect six examples of the artist’s work that are of interest to you. Evaluate each image based on the above criteria. Research the artist’s biography and answer, at the minimum of, the following questions in written form:
-Who was this artist?
-What makes this artist so distinctive?
-How would you describe this artist work?
-3 interesting facts about this artist?

Title of work, artist’s name, date of work, the medium used. This paper is to be a mixture of discussion on vocabulary, formal elements, and an incorporation of your personal reaction to the work . You must equally discuss both your personal reactions and all formal elements. . The purpose of this paper is not only an academic exercise, but it also enables you to use greater freedom of visual/verbal expression in your reactions to a new way of seeing. Trust your instincts and feelings. (minimum 1500 words)

Using MLA format (
(Links to an external site.)
) *Site all reference material and sources and include a bibliography. You will be docked a whole grade if this information is omitted. Three sources must be sited at least one must be a book.

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