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June 16, 2020
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Assessment tasks

Assessment task title: Personal Learning Journal


Details of Task: Assessment tasks

Assessment task title: Personal Learning Journal

Due Date: Week 5

Weighted Value: 25%

Details of Task: Reflection is the individual equivalent of review and evaluation and is an essential component of the learning process. The subject has a considerable applied component which requires students to trial and practice theories, ideas and tools learned in class and on-line. This assessment takes this one step further.

Students are required to select the topic below from the material (See uploaded Course Material-PPT) in weeks one to four and reflect on how this topic impacted their life, career, studies and personal or professional relationships. This assignment should discuss personal learning experiences based on topics covered in weeks one to four. They should not include what was discussed in class, but how these topics relate to previous learning, such as work or childhood experiences. The topics that students may choose from include:

Strengths (limit it to your top three) – do not discuss weaknesses

Before your writing, you need to read my Strengths Profile (See uploaded Reading- Strengths Profile) to know my strengths and choose top 3 strengths (Prudence、Social intelligence and Honesty) to write the essay.

You need to find 10 academic sources by yourself and cite them all in APA style.

I also uploaded a APA_Requirement.pdf and you must refer to it and write 100% correct in-text citation and References Page. Failure to use the correct citations will fail me in the essay since my professor was extremely picky. After receiving your paper, I will check every in-text citations and make sure they are 100% correct.

The learning journal should consist of the following sections:

1. Your Learning experience (1000 words in total. 300 words for your personal experience and 700 words for theory)

Choosing a topic, write a story about what happened in your life and how the topic you have chosen (see above) relates to this event.

While you can structure the journal as best suits the event, you might like to include the following in the learning experience, these are not headings just something you might like to weave into your story:

● Give your experience a name

● When did it happen? e.g. month / year

● A description of the event, your personal learning and the situation / context

● Your actions and reactions

● What did you learn from the event as a result?

● Tie the event into the academic literature, how does it align with what the researchers say about the topic?

As you write it up you may want to write about the event and then discuss the literature separately, tying the literature to the event in a separate paragraph. Alternatively, you might like to combine the literature with the discussion of your event, highlighting where your life event supports or contradicts the research. Include 10 academic references in your discussion. Start with the readings from the reading list but make certain you go beyond these readings in your literature search. Please use academic articles, not websites and do not reference the lectures. Do not use topics from other subjects in your discussion, stick with the content from this subject. You might like to aim for 300-400 words for your story and the remainder to discuss how the story fits in with the academic research on the topic area.

This section answers the ‘who’; you obviously and anyone else that is in your story, the ‘what’, specifically what topic you have chosen for your journal and lastly, the ‘why’, the impact that this event had that made you realize you needed to shift or address. The impact of the event can be either positive or negative. Your story may be about something that went well, that you want to use or see more of in your life, or something that showed clearly how you needed to change. Our preference is that you choose a positive event, however if you have a negative event that you deem as offering more value to your future, use it.

2. Vision for the future (500 words)

Based on your learnings in the previous section, describe your best possible life in some detail at a future point in time. You might like to use a 12-month period or a little further out, up to a maximum. Try and sit back and dream about what your future would look like with these of three years changes in place, or you may have already identified where you will be. Have some fun putting this into words. Have some fun putting this into words. Make sure you discuss how your chosen topic impacts upon your future success.

Discuss not only your career but your life as a whole.

This section answers the ‘where’ question, such as a country, or business sector.

3. Action Plan (500 words)

In this section you must outline how you will go about developing / bridging the identified areas for growth in sections one and two. The action plan should highlight what you expect to achieve, time frames, how you will assess your improvements and the necessary resources you will need to get you there. Where necessary the plan should be supported by appropriate literature and use of self-assessment tools and diagnostics (e.g. – the articles and self-assessment resources available on Moodle).

This section answers the ‘how’ and ‘when’ questions. Specifically, what will you do to accomplish your goals and when will you have completed it. The when is important as it is likely that you will have subsections of tasks that you need to do to accomplish your overall goal. Consider using S.M.A.R.T. goals in this section (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based). Using a table works well for your Action plan which outlines the goals and specific actions you will take by Action Plan which outlines the goals and specific actions you will take by specific dates. Use landscape mode for your table so it is easier to mark.

Release date: Not applicable

2000 words Word limit:

Presentation requirements:

● Submit a  document Word

● Each page of the document should have the student number of the author as well as a page


● All writing must be in typed, 12 font size, double spaced. Margins should be 2cm all sides.

● Assessments must show a high standard of presentation. Marks will be deducted for

unprofessional presentation including lack of appropriate in-text citation and referencing, poor grammar, spelling, lack of paragraphs, and punctuation. Carefully PROOF READ your documents before submission.

● Ensure each section is clearly titled

● This report, as all your work, MUST show evidence of your understanding of the relevant concepts, literature and theoretical frameworks, and be referenced correctly, using the APA (6th edition) style outlined in the Student Q Manual which is on Moodle.

● Try and stay away from direct quotes, discussion is easier to read and comprehend if the theory is incorporated rather than just ‘plonked in’ via quotes.

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