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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020

ALL papers must be 3-5 pages, double-spaced, typed, and in 12pt. Times New Roman, Calibri or Georgia font and in proper essay format. For each day that the paper is late, I will deduct one letter-grade.

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The term ‘ethics’ can be described as a general pattern or way of life, a set of rules or conduct (moral code) and inquiring about way of life and rules and conduct (The Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Vol. III). Ethics can also be seen as a system or code of conduct based on universal moral duties and obligations, which indicate how you should behave (The Josephson Institute for Ethics).

For this assignment, you will be writing your own personal code of ethics using the guidelines below and taking examples from “The Ring of Gyges” and “38 Who Saw Murder.” 

Please note that you will be writing a final personal code of ethics at the end of this course. You may want to use this paper to gauge what, if any, changes you have made in your personal code of ethics at the end of this course. Please do a thorough job with the first assignment. You will benefit from that once you tackle your final assignment (the Capstone Code of Ethics).

My Personal Code of Ethics

Value System: Discuss your hierarchy of values; that is, a priority of what you value most in life and explain why each is a value in your life.

-Heritage -Being a first generation African American (Parents from Sierra Leone) is extremely important to me due to it provides an essence of who I am
-Creative Freedom – I think creative freedom is one of my biggest value because I don’t there should be rules on how you express yourself

For example: “My family gives me strength” or “I have reverence for others and all life.”

Moral Character & Principles: Do I think I have good moral character? Answer this question by including your own idea of ethics that you aspire to and practice.
Yes I believe I have good moral character, I live by the rule do good rule “treat other as you would like others to treat you”
For example, you may try to practice honesty, fairness, kindness, courage and friendliness in your life. Also consider the meaning of integrity and how it may or may not play a part of your personal code of ethics. How do you define happiness? What role does happiness play in your idea of “the good life?”
Happiness is finding joy in whatever you seem fit. Role of happiness in my life is second to none; I always ask myself will I be happy with the decision I’m making before anything

The Value of Ethics in My Life: What is the value of ethics in your life? That is, do you think you could live a happy life without trying to be ethical? Why or why not? Give examples. Try to use “The Ring of Gyges” and “38 Who Saw Murder” as scenarios of what you would do in those situations or with an invisible ring.

Personal ethics is very important to me because I believe moral and principles is what makes you a man/respectable adult for example I believe in being a gentleman so I will always stop a domestic violence issue; I will always open the door for a person because those were things that are ingrained in me

Some points to remember when writing this assignment:

I prefer you not use bullet points when writing this paper. This is an essay and it should be in essay format with an introduction (thesis statement); supporting paragraphs and a discernable conclusion. However, if bullet points really help you, then use it wisely, and at your discretion.

Please become accustomed to writing in first-person. I am aware (see what I did there!) that it may feel unnatural to approach academic work this way; however, it’s unavoidable on this assignment and in case studies moving forward this semester. Repeat after me: I am able to use first person for my ethics class.

This assignment will be resubmitted at the end of the semester as part one of the capstone assignment (which is the final paper for this course). We do not have a formal mid-term exam nor a final exam for this class. The capstone consists of you revising this assignment (if necessary- based on my feedback or lack thereof as it were) and resubmitting it. There will be a new part (a professional case study you will analyze for part two of the final assignment). Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, (breathe in, breathe out!) but the bottom line is to take time with this assignment so you don’t have to create something from scratch for part one of the final (capstone) paper.

If you need some inspiration beyond the two readings we discussed during the first week of class, consider some of your strengths and weaknesses. Real talk: we all have areas which need improvement. So what’s your super power? And what are some areas that you would like to enhance so they could be your new super powers? While we’re at it with the whole super power theme, is there one certain set of issues that you might deem as your kryptonite? For those who may not be acquainted with planet Krytpon, a different way to ask that question would be: what is your Achilles’ heel?
My super power is learning from my own mistakes is my super power. I think learning from other mistakes will be something I want to improve to be my super power because I believe thats true wisdom.
My kryptonite is experience I always put my hand on the stove to know it’s hot.

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